What To Do

Want your team to stand out on the deck? We offer custom designed team suits for clubs, teams, masters, waterpolo, you name it! We offer a discount to team designs. The sky is the limit in our design lab, you want it, we will make it!



(619) 677-2050 ext 1


1. Checkout our catalog page for pre-designed team suits in a variety of colors for a quick and easy selection of suits for your team. Send us and email with the suit name you want, colors, and any mascot/logo or text you want on the suit and we will send you your design next business day, and send you a fit kit the next day!

2. Not satisfied with our collections and want something a little more customized for your team? Check out Q Shuffle. Q Shuffle will shuffle through our catalog of prints and colors to create a truly unique suit for your team depending on your style. Once you find the perfect suit for you team, send us the suit code and mascot/logo or text that you want and we will send you your design within 24 hours, and send you a fit kit the next day!

3. Want a fully customized suit? Fill out our Team Form with your team name, colors, design style, and you can upload your logo or inspiration images, and we will send you a design within 2 business days! Need any questions answered or pricing information? Email