How long will it take to receive my team order?

Orders 1-199 Delivery time is 3 weeks

Orders 200+ delivery time is 4 weeks. 

Will I receive an approval form before I order?

Once you have selected a design your representative will send you an artwork approval form of your suit design. Once approved we will place your order and get your suits to you ASAP!

Do you ship to any other country other than the USA & Canada?

Yes, we ship worldwide. 

How much do your suits cost?

Please contact for pricing information.

My team is new to Q, do you provide suits for my team to try on before ordering?

Yes! Please email with the suit styles you are interested in and we will ship a full size run for to your team. 

How do I place an order?

We offer a few ways to place orders

1. You can send your sales rep your full order and they will place the order with our factory and we will invoice you.

2. We can set up a team store for your team, you will receive a link and will be able to place a bulk order and pay at checkout.

3. Send the link to your team members and they can place orders individually and pay at checkout

I am part of a team, but I lost my suit. How can I get another one?
Go to your team page and place and order for a new suit. 
We have a meet in two weeks and just placed and order. Can we rush our order?

All Orders 1-100 Suits will be charged $150 USD to deliver in 2 weeks.

Orders 101-200 Suits will be charged $200 USD to deliver in 2 weeks.

All orders +200 Suits will be charged $250 USD to deliver in 3 weeks. 

We decided that we no longer want the suits we ordered. Can we cancel?

Team Orders can be canceled within 15 hours. After 15 hours we can not cancel your order. 

My team suit does not fit. Can I get a replacement?

We require that all teams use a fit kit to determine their size before ordering. Thus we cannot offer you a free exchange. You will have to re-order from your team store. 

The suits colors are not correct. What do we do?

Suit colors can vary slightly from what you might see on the computer screen. With this in mind, we review each concern individually and in the order it comes. Only in the case of a factory defect will we refund the money or remake the suit. In this case, you would have to send us your suit for confirmation of the concern and need for a replacement or return. You can call 619-677-2050 or email

 We are looking for Q to sponsor our team, what are the guidelines?

Unfortunately we do not sponsor teams at this time.